Behringer X-Touch MIDI Script

Behringer X-Touch Mini

MIDI Script for FL Studio

This is a MIDI script written in Python that integrates the Behringer X-Touch Mini with FL Studio. It gives the X-Touch Mini various modes to control FL Studio including a 5-octave keyboard and a step-sequencer with access to 32 steps. Additionally, the script extends control by offering 4 pages of buttons to access various functions within FL. The script is designed to be highly customizable with a web app to design layouts that can be easily added to the script.

Some of the more advanced features included step-parameter control, random note and random pattern generation.

A web app to design personalized layouts can be found at:

An online manual is available for information about installation and use here:

The script offers access to overs 50 functions. The behavior of these are covered at the link below. The list of functions will be added to continually.

Please consider donating if you can @ as this project does represent a lot of work and some server cost as well.

If you have any feature requests you can email me at