Drum Sampler


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Drum Sampler is a web-based synth designed to create percussion and sfx samples for electronic musicians. With record enabled, sounds are converted to 16-bit .wav or .ogg samples and can be set to download automatically.

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When record is set, sound will automatically convert to a wav/ogg sample when played. The length of the sample is determined by the length of the main envelope. If the individual voice envelopes are shorter than the main envelopes, the sample will be longer than neccessary. .wav files are mono and .ogg files are stereo by default.


If recording to the .ogg format, files can be appended to make one large file rather than individual ones. This is helpful if you need to convert files before slicing them. This is currently not possible with the .wav format.

Auto / Manual

With Auto set, files will automatically download each time the play button is pressed if set to record. With manual click the link that appears or right click the player to download.

Add Voice

No limit is put on how many voices can be used, beyond what the computer can handle.

Keys On/Off

Keys On will enable Keyboard Shortcuts listed below. Off will allow the browser to use the default keyboard settings.


The noise button, when turned off, will turn the noise level of each voice to 0. It will also keep the noise at 0 on all voices when randomized.

Click / Noise

This adds a sample of noise or an impulse to provide a transient to accentuate the attack.


By default, the sample will be saved with the name "drum-" and a number attached to the end. The text can be changed in the filename box. The number can be changed in the second box. The number will auto-increment with each sample recorded.

Keyboard Shortcuts




Add voice




Toggle Noise




File Type


Keyboard Off


Download Auto/Manual

Control Main Attack

Control Main Decay


  Pressing Shift while setting a slider with the mouse will set all voices to the same value. Holding Shift while pressing the arrow keys will set the corresponding envelope value to max/min.